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Why Joytel?

Joytel provides solutions that businesses need

Since 2004, businesses have chosen Joytel for a truly unique and reliable internet experience with true business class service.

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*48-hour setup available within certain regions.

Custom Infrastructure

We build your network to meet all of your business needs. Starting from the ground up by providing fast internet over a secure connection, protected with network security.

Secured Network

Surf the internet securely with available Virtual Private Network Connections to protect from hackers and growing threats from a variety of bad actors in the IP world.

24/7 Tech Support

Speak to a live person who can solve your issues now without endless hold music. Our 24/7 network operations center is fully staffed and ready to assist with your connectivity needs.

Flexible Scaling

Fast network bandwidth adjustments to meet your growing needs as a business. We are here to serve you as soon as possible, the right way, right on time.

48 Hour Setup

Fixed wireless connectivity available with 48 hour set up and fast emergency connectivity.*

Citywide Reach

With both fixed wireless and fiber access solutions we can find a way to reach you.

Joytel Services

Fiber Optic by Joytel™

How do you offer a competitive edge, enhance economic growth, increase accessbility to medical assistance, and level the playing field between metropolitan and rural communities, thereby increasing opportunities in socioeconomically impacted populations? In the not-too-distant past, communities thrived by their access to the railroad system. Today, one could make the argument that economic survival is dependant upon high speed internet and inexpensive communication access.

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Joytel Services

Wireless Fiber by Joytel™

Joytel provides high speed internet business solutions with wireless broadband technology; equal in quality but lower in price, and always with excellent customer care. The service is scalable, with seamless upgrades available at any time. Point-to-point wireless eliminates the telco entirely, as well as the wait and cost of new hardware and complicated installations.

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Joytel Services

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a term used by IT professionals “What do we do if we go down”? CEO’s use the same term but in a different light, “How much will it cost the company if we are down”?

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Available Locations

Citywide fiber networks through-out the atlantic coast.

From Atlanta, GA all the way to Miami, FL, our fiber runs across the coast, ready to bring you speeds up to 100 Gbps.

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